Thriving with Paralysis Book Coming in 2020!

January 22, 2020
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Thriving with Paralysis Book coming in 2020!

Julie and I are excited to announce that we have begun writing a book about our experience of thriving with paralysis! We are on a journey like all of you who are living with paralysis. But over the last nine years, we have seen some incredible blessings and are thriving now in every area of our lives more than we were before I was injured. This book is being written to share our experiences, practical advice, and steps you can take to thrive in the paralysis life too.

We have begun writing the first few chapters and will share with you more information as we get closer to the launch of this exciting project.

Thank you for your support we really appreciate it.

Thriving NOT surviving,

Bill and Julie Davis

thriving with paralysis book

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2 comments on “Thriving with Paralysis Book Coming in 2020!”

  1. Hi Julie, is there a way to see your blog posts without going through fb? I want my kids to read them, but they dont all use fb.

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