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Thriving with Paralysis Book Coming in 2020!

Thriving with Paralysis Book coming in 2020! Julie and I are excited to announce that we have begun writing a book about our experience of thriving with paralysis! We are on a journey like all of you who are living with paralysis. But over the last nine years, we have seen some incredible blessings and […]

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Paralyzed Stories: Find hope in these inspiring people

Table of Contents Looking for Paralyzed Stories?Jessica Harthcock – An Incredible Story of Determination How Katie Estrella Learned to Drive Again and Regained Her Independence Dr. Bill Davis Is Thriving With Paralysis By Helping Others Find Their Purpose You Can Thrive With Paralysis! Looking for Paralyzed Stories? Paralyzed stories can be found all over the world and as […]

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Paralyzed Holidays Don’t Have to Be a Hum-Bug

Paralyzed holidays The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year for most people.  However, with the trials of life, our ability to enjoy the holidays may change.  Losing a loved one or surviving a life-altering injury or illness can change the way we view the holidays.  Some might become bitter and a time […]

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How to Thrive Financially After Paralysis

Table of Contents Thrive Financially after ParalysisFinding Your Purpose after ParalysisFinancial Assistance for Spinal Cord Injury PatientsMoney Management Tips for Paralysis SurvivorsBaby Step #1Baby Step #2Baby Step #3Baby step #4Baby Step #5Baby Step #6Baby Step #7 Thrive Financially after Paralysis One of the most dramatic effects of paralysis is how it impacts your financial health. […]

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Left Side Paralysis vs. Right Side Paralysis After Stroke A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents Paralysis After StrokeHow Does Stroke Cause Paralysis? Left Side Paralysis Vs. Right Side Paralysis after Stroke The Tasks Each Side of the Brain Controls Impacts of Stroke on the Right Side of the Brain Impacts of Stroke on the Left Side of the Brain How Left Side Paralysis Vs. Right Side Paralysis Affects Recovery Looking Ahead: A Hopeful […]

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Finding Joy in Spite of Our Circumstances

Finding joy in life is not always easy regardless of your circumstances.  I believe every person struggles to feel joy at some point in their lives.  Joy seems the least attainable when we or someone we love are suffering, which is why finding joy when your loved one is suffering daily can be extremely challenging. […]

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Suffering In Life: Is There Any Purpose?

Table of Contents Suffering in Life is there any purpose4 Reasons for SufferingSuffering Brought on by Yourself Suffering of Betrayal Suffering of Loss Suffering of MysteryResults of SufferingSalvationSanctificationEnduranceWays to Deal with SufferingComfort OthersRemind OurselvesPray and Ask for Help Suffering in Life is there any purpose Suffering is part of living with paralysis.  But it can […]

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Disabled Parking Do’s and Don’ts

Table of Contents What are the different kinds of disabled parking and how are they marked?If you are a disabled person, does it matter which spot you park in?Who can use disabled person parking?My Biggest Pet Peeve about disabled parking What are the different kinds of disabled parking and how are they marked? There are […]

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Great Online Paralysis Support Groups

Table of Contents Paralysis support groupsInspired Spinal Cord Injury Support CommunityUnited Spinal Association CareCure CommunityNWRSCIS Forum Pushrim Social Network SPINALpedia Reeve ConnectFind Additional Resources from Thriving with Paralysis  Paralysis support groups You are never alone! Even when you feel like you are the only one who can ever possibly understand your paralysis, there is likely someone, somewhere who presently […]

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Living with Paralysis: Battling Nerve Pain

Table of Contents Spinal Cord Injury Neuropathic PainNatural Solutions for Neuropathic PainStanding FrameMassage and StretchingChiropractic and AcupunctureSupplementation Spinal Cord Injury Neuropathic Pain After surviving a spinal cord injury there are certain things that you must battle on an ongoing basis in order to thrive with paralysis. In a previous article, I talked about the importance […]

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