• There is Hope

  • You Can Thrive With Paralysis

  • You STILL Have a Purpose

Inspirational Stories

  • My husband was 35 and still single when he had his SCI from a fall from a tree stand while deer hunting. He had been an active hunter and fisherman. I met him 6 weeks after his injury when he was transferred from the ICU to the rehab unit where I had just started to work as an occupational therapist. I ended up helping him out at home after his discharge and we became good friends and fell in love. We got married 3 years after his injury. He grew up going to church but didn't have a relationship with Christ until he met me. 28 years later and through plenty of trials but also plenty of blessings, he still says he wouldn't give up being a quadriplegic if it meant not having met me and having a relationship with God. He has found purpose. ❤️
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